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Why is a Pre-abortion Assessment Important?

You may be thinking, “Why do I need a pre-abortion assessment? Is it really that important?”

When the crisis of finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant hits, you may feel the desire to “take care of it” immediately before anyone knows, before you have time to really think about it, and before you start experiencing the reality of being pregnant.

But, according to a National Institute of Health publication, Clinical Practice Handbook of Safe Abortion, a pre-abortion assessment is a necessary step in protecting your health. Because there are many short and long-term risks associated with an abortion, it’s important to understand these factors so you can make an informed and empowered decision.

During a pre-abortion assessment, the NIH recommends clinics: 

  • Provide information and offer counseling in a way that a woman can understand, to allow her to make her own decisions about whether to have an abortion.
  • Confirm pregnancy status and determine intrauterine location and gestational duration.
  • Evaluate for any medical conditions that require management or may influence the choice of abortion procedure.
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss the future use of contraception.

The Abortion Surveillance report by the CDC, covering 45 years from 1973 through 2018, found that there have been more than 500 reported maternal deaths after an abortion, with 86.1% resulting from legal abortion, 11% from illegal abortion, and 2.9% from abortions whose legal status was unknown. However, several states, such as California, did not report their numbers, so this number is likely higher.

Navigating an unplanned pregnancy takes courage and strength. Ensure your health and safety by getting a pre-abortion assessment if you’re considering having an abortion. At Hope Women’s Center, we provide pre-abortion assessments at no cost to you. Schedule your assessment today!

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