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Will My Insurance Pay For My Girlfriend’s Abortion?

Are you curious how much an abortion costs and if insurance will cover any of it?

It can be stressful enough learning about and talking through an unplanned pregnancy with your partner, let alone worrying about what is and is not covered by your health insurance. Let’s look at some information concerning potential coverage and what out-of-pocket costs you can expect.

Coverage for Your Partner

Typically, health insurance plans do not cover partners unless you are legally married. Contact your insurance.

Abortion Costs Vary

Depending on how far along your partner is in her pregnancy, the costs for abortion services can vary greatly. Abortion services can range from several hundred dollars to late-term abortions costing several thousand. 

In addition to these costs, there are also the costs of the provider visits (both pre and post-procedure) to consider. 

Some other factors that may cause a variation in abortion costs are your provider and the state in which you live.

It should be noted that medical abortions are only FDA-approved for women who are no more than 10 weeks pregnant, making your partner ineligible for the abortion pill if she is further along. 

Free Pregnancy Services

As you continue to research and decide what is best for you and your partner, it’s important to confirm the viability of her pregnancy. A pre-abortion assessment is a valuable step in protecting her health and getting the information you need. 

We offer free and confidential lab-quality pregnancy testing and ultrasound. You’re not alone and deserve to have all of your questions answered in a stress and judgment-free environment so that you and your partner can feel confident in whatever your decision may be. Call us today or make an appointment!

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